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Deep TBR® Tablets

The next generation proteolytic enzyme for inflammation and wound healing


Each enteric coated vet tablet contains


Trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme, Trypsin removes dead and necrotic tissue. Thus it improves humoral response and prevents growth of pathogens. Trypsin can also be used to dissolve blood clots and treat inflammation. Trypsin enzyme found in the digestive system. Trypsin can also be made from fungus, plants and bacteria. But it is usually made for commercial purposes from the pancreas of livestock.


Bromelain a proteolytic enzyme derived from the stem, fruit, and juice of the pineapple plant. The highest concentration of bromelain found in the pineapple core. Bromelain traditionally been used as a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling agent. Its Supports Faster Recovery from Surgery and Injuries. It also used to treat osteoarthritis and to reduce soreness in aching muscles.


Rutoside is a natural flavonoid derivative with strong anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immunomodulating activities. It blocks the platelet aggregation, reduces the capillary permeability and improves the blood circulation. A sluggish circulatory system is one of the major reasons for inflammation, as the body fails to get rid of the free radicals, toxic compounds and the cell debris. Rutoside is also an antioxidant that neutralizes the activity of the free radicals at the joint, prevents collagen degeneration and heals the wounds at a faster rate.



Wounds, Post-Surgery, Arthritis, Fracture, Trauma, Abscess, hematoma, Otitis externa, Otitis media.


Enteric-coated tablet (to prevent the enzymes from being destroyed by stomach acid)

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